Please fill out the form below to enter the 2022 Young Poets Competition:
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Rules of Entry
  • You have read, understood and agreed to the WFL Competition Terms and Conditions.
  • The fee for each separate entry is £3. Competitors may submit only one entry and must be aged 16 to 22 inclusive, at the closing submission date on 30 June 2022.
  • All entries must be anonymous. Do not put your name or contact details in the file title or within your entries. Your name and contact details are recorded via a form.
  • Type your entry 1.5 or double-spaced text.
  • Put the title and page number on each page of your entry.
  • Poems may be on any subject.
  • Poems must not exceed 35 lines of text in length.
  • Add the line count to the top right of the first page
  • Save the file as a Microsoft Word Document or PDF.
  • The file name should be the title of the poem only, typed exactly the same as the document, for example: I wandered Lonely as a Cloud
  • Do not put Wells Entry, my Poetry entry etc in the file title
  • For untitled pieces, save the document with the first line of the poem

Your Submission

Please use the file browser below to find and attach your entry to this form. You must attach your entry as a single file in Microsoft Word or PDF format.